Sukriti is leading Indian manufacturer of Nickel plated copper wire conductors. Product range includes single and stranded wire from. With assured 1.25 micron Nickel coating, all products meet ASTM standards. We offer wide range of products from AWG 38 (0.102mm) to AWG 4 (4/133/25).

Product Features

  • Compliant to ASTM B-355, B-286 standard with assured 
  • Stranded wire with True concentric in 7, 19, 37, 133 ends.
  • Special wire constructions for UK standards
  • Small order quantities accepted with quick lead time.
  • Full in-process quality control and complete traceability
  • Customized construction developed as per customer request.  
  • ETP Copper for regular products. OFHC Copper available on request.
  • Packaging: DIN125, DIN160, DIN250, DIN355, DIN400 non returnable spools.