Special Conductors 

Special ConductorsSUKRITI offers variety of conductors to customized requirements for cable industry. It includes use of special raw materials, special resistance requirement or high temperature application. Products are developed with mutual agreement with customer requirement. 


Stranded Pure Nickel Wires

We offer variety of stranded Pure Nickel wire conductors for high temperature applications. High quality Nickel 200 is used with customized constructions.


NPC wires with resistance tolerances

We offer Nickel Plated Copper Wires (single or stranded) adhering to stringent resistance tolerances for special applications.


Copper Alloy Resistance Wires

We offer wire conductors meeting specific resistance and mechanical properties. The conductors are made using election of copper alloys, CCS and Stainless Steel wires from ready stock. With vast experience and in-house R&D, special requirements of resistance, tensile strength and diameter range is met.


Wardwell Bobbins

We offer Silver/Nickel Plated Copper multi wires on wardwell bobbins, which can be directly used on braiders. The bobbins are non-returnable.